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Nerd Chic Boutique

When the recent writer's strike hit Hollywood, I knew it was going to be uncomfortably long. I knew that it would directly impact my work in television and the typical 2 month hiatus would likely be much longer. I also knew I needed a creative outlet during this time off.

Forever Team

You may or may not know that I do improv theater. I recently joined a team and we named ourselves "Forever Team." It was based on a very inside joke that the general public wouldn't really care about. But when I was tasked with creating the logo and the poster graphic for our first show the name of the team sounded very "magical" and fantastic. So I created a graphic to match it.

Old time camera

Some help finding free to use, public domain photos and images for your web site or media project.

As some of you may know, I have joined a sketch comedy group called The Ice Cream Social Job. We have been producing short videos over the last several months. I am particularly proud of this video because I wrote it, I appeared in it, and I edited the darn thing. Plus I think it is rather funny and it is at least tangentially relevant to Halloween.

Although I have embedded the video below, if you actually click through on the YouTube logo, you can subscribe to our channel and be notified when we release new videos. 

New Mac OS message

My daughter updated her MacBook to the latest OS. I believe it is "El Capitan." She restarted her computer and was met with the message: "Your computer is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes. But seriously. Fuck you."

We both looked around and couldn't find this as a common occurrence. Indeed, no one else seemed to have this issue.. She has a Genius Bar appointment set up for later today. I'll follow up with more info as I learn it. Seems like someone at Apple has gone rogue. 

Prepardness Supplies

With the New Year comes new resolutions. This year we're going to do a couple things. First we are going to try community gardening and I am looking for a good Westside location for that. Recommendations are always welcome. I also want to work on our emergency preparedness and get out emergency supplies in order.

Paper Garden Projects

Our latest web site development project has just launched. It is a fully responsive, WordPress site with e-commerce features. Because the subject matter was paper craft and card making, we worked closely with the store owner and blogger, Catherine St. Clair, to convey a "hand-made" feel. We used shadows and textured images along with her original hand made art.

bicycle logo

Today we added a couple new logos in the Motion City logo portfolio. The portfolio now includes logos for Popsitivity and Cadence Culture. Popsitivity is a non-profit that encourages scholastic achievement for at-risk students by connecting them to mentoring pop stars. Cadence Culture is an online destination for street biking news and events.

Google Blockbuster

An exciting new announcement from Google. Google Blockbuster Predicts A Films Success with 94% Accuracy.

I can't wait to see what Google comes up with next. If you enjoyed this video from Team Coco, you might also like:

data subscribe newsletter

You are not subscribed to the Motion City newsletter. How do i know this? Because very, very few have subscribed and I'm just playing the odds here.

I ask that you view the bottom section of any page on take a second and enter your email address in there. I swear to you I will not overwhelm you with spam. In fact I have only sent out two email updates so far this year. Also, I promise to guard your email and share it with no one.

Twitter and Facebook

News articles on will now be automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook. Like some mindless robot this site will take each new post, chop it down to less that 140 characters and send it off to Twitter. It will also put a post up on my Facebook page as well.

Search by voice is now powered by voice search. If you don't feel like typing in your search term, you can now simply click on the microphone icon and speak your search term. (Not the one on the right, that is just a picture. You need the one in the search box to the left. Don't see it? Read on.)

Director Score Interface

It's funny how the circle sometimes completes itself.

Way back when, at the dawn of Motion City Films, there was only one commercial application for creating animation. It was a program called Macromedia Director. We bought this program and used it to create animations for an MTV contest, many corporate videos for companies like AAA (the Auto Club), Sheppard Associates, Ingram/Micro-D, and even Mattel.

Adobe Edge Animate UI

Throughout the past year I participated in the public Beta of Adobe's new Edge product. It is now released as Adobe Edge Animate 1.0. The big news: Adobe is releasing this powerful tool for FREE. You can read the announcement here. Like a modern iPhone game developer or a crack dealer of old, Adobe is giving you this "taste" for free, certain that, as the product evolves, you will return with money in hand, ready to buy some more. And you will.

Burbank Beach

Motion City Visits L.A. Castle Studios

Celebrating 25 Years

Motion City celebrates 25 years in business.

King Pong International

Our latest website promotes table tennis TV show.

Adobe CS6

Major Adobe user group meet-up and launch party for Adobe CS6.

Mountain Bounce Logo

Motion City shoots 14 commercial spots in one day for Mountain Bounce.