At the Beach In... Burbank(!?)

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anyone that knows LA, knows that Burbank is entirely land locked. So how did I get to the beach?

Last week Martin Blasick and I stopped by our buddy Tim Pipher's new stage, L. A. Castle Studio. It's a green screen stage with three motion tracking cameras (one on a jib).It's really a great set up with multiple break areas and many dressing rooms. He's even configuring it so you can invite a studio audience.

LA Castle stage

Since it was hot that day he set us up on the virtual beach.

On the beach

We saw some great examples. Amazing news sets as well as locations from all around the world. If I ever have a news-style shoot, I would definitely call Tim. Also if I needed to pick up some location shots and only had the talent for a day, this would be a way to have them on location in Egypt, Manhattan, and Paris all in the same day.

Burbank Beach