I don't think Apple likes me any more

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

My daughter updated her MacBook to the latest OS. I believe it is "El Capitan." She restarted her computer and was met with the message: "Your computer is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes. But seriously. Fuck you."

We both looked around and couldn't find this as a common occurrence. Indeed, no one else seemed to have this issue.. She has a Genius Bar appointment set up for later today. I'll follow up with more info as I learn it. Seems like someone at Apple has gone rogue. 

That's not nice!

FOLLOW UP: the next day --

Okay, we got to the bottom of the whole story. This is NOT the computer we bought last year. That computer was stolen from her car and she purchased a replacement on EBAY. It still had Apple Care and was supposedly like new. But obviously someone had previously configured the computer (and inserted that message).
She had the ebay receipt and had transferred the Apple Care to her AND had visited an Apple Store when she first purchased it and checked to see if everything was okay with the computer. She had configured the computer from scratch when she first got it.
Sadly, the Apple people told her they would need to RESET the computer. This means they will totally wipe the hard disk, which means they will delete the photos she had from her vacation and some work files that only existed on the laptop. The manager told her target disk mode would not work to recover the files because it was locked.
Although this is still disappointing, it makes more sense.
New Mac OS message