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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today we added a couple new logos in the Motion City logo portfolio. The portfolio now includes logos for Popsitivity and Cadence Culture. Popsitivity is a non-profit that encourages scholastic achievement for at-risk students by connecting them to mentoring pop stars. Cadence Culture is an online destination for street biking news and events.

The two clients had very different ways of communicating what they wanted. Cadence Culture came with a pencil sketch of what they had in mind. My job was to interpret what they had sketched out and clean it up. I also submitted a first pass in blue and the client re-colored it yellow, which I think is a better choice.

Popsitivity emailed a snapshot of another logo they liked. Part of the project was to discover what they liked about the other logo and adapt it to their brand.

Both projects were equally fun and rewarding.

  Popsitivity Logo

bicycle logo