Motion City does more than non-linear editing. As a result of our graphic and animation intensive background, we roll graphics, animation, color correction, and digital effects into most editorial sessions. Does it cost more? Of course not! If a project requires a 3D logo or multi-layer composite, we have the tools at hand to make it happen.

For the Discovery Channel Stores in Washington DC and San Francisco, we edited dozens of short programs. They were created for presentation on a video wall and required editing multiple streams of video at once. We used the same technique on our feature film, LAST WORDS.

A spot for Skechers had us on-set, supervising the blue-screen. We also did all of the composites, color correction and animation.

For THE INKWELL, a television newsmagazine about pop art, we did all the post production. The proposed series integrates live action, video, archival footage, green screen, photos, graphics and animation into a stunning half-hour television show.

So whether you have a 15 second spot or a long form documentary, Motion City Films is your place to post.