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The Rejected Piñata Support Group (comedy video)

As some of you may know, I have joined a sketch comedy group called The Ice Cream Social Job. We have been producing short videos over the last several months. I am particularly proud of this video because I wrote it, I appeared in it, and I edited the darn thing. Plus I think it is rather funny and it is at least tangentially relevant to Halloween.

Although I have embedded the video below, if you actually click through on the YouTube logo, you can subscribe to our channel and be notified when we release new videos. 

Full Circle Back to Director

It's funny how the circle sometimes completes itself.

Way back when, at the dawn of Motion City Films, there was only one commercial application for creating animation. It was a program called Macromedia Director. We bought this program and used it to create animations for an MTV contest, many corporate videos for companies like AAA (the Auto Club), Sheppard Associates, Ingram/Micro-D, and even Mattel.

Video Reels

Here are some of reels Motion City has created over the years. From animation to live-action production, these video demo reels show our work in TV, music video, commercials and on the web.



Loving Adobe Edge Animate

Throughout the past year I participated in the public Beta of Adobe's new Edge product. It is now released as Adobe Edge Animate 1.0. The big news: Adobe is releasing this powerful tool for FREE. You can read the announcement here. Like a modern iPhone game developer or a crack dealer of old, Adobe is giving you this "taste" for free, certain that, as the product evolves, you will return with money in hand, ready to buy some more. And you will.

Video Production

We specialize in projects that require a high degree of integration between live-action, animation, and digital effects. These projects might use digital special effects, cartoon-style animation or photorealistic 3D animation. They may require us to learn and visualize how Stealth technology allows pilots to evade radar or how a motion-simulator ride film might work.


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