New Media

"New Media" is a term we use to define projects that combine multiple media types and can be presented in a non-linear fashion. Last century it was called "Multimedia.'

We've developed interactive press kits for, New Line, Disney, and RollerBall. They are delivered to their customers either through the Internet or on CD-ROM. We've built interactive web sites for Brave New Media, Sheppard Associates, and RollerBall. We've created streaming media and Flash animation elements for, New Line and others .

Our expertise also extends to interactive kiosks. We've created several, most notably the prototype for the mall information system "CenterLinq".

We have a section of this site dedicated to games. We programmed the entire CD-ROM component of "The Phonics Game." We also were part of the team that brought you Sidewalk Studios "A Story About Me." And we've built a bunch of online games as well.

Motion City Films is currently developing a portable video project for Sparkletts. The delivery personnel carry a portable route planning computer with them. We are creating an orientation video for new customers. It will explain the billing cycle, delivery schedule – even where to leave the empty bottles.

So whether you need an exciting menu design for your next DVD project, A complete CD-ROM game or an entire web site, you can count on Motion City Films.