This custom product e-commerce store was well on it's way to a successful launch. But sadly the client lost interest in the project. 


Personal trainer Eric Bass has a lot of different training modalities and needed a site to explain them. He also wanted it to be responsive so it looked good on an iPhone or a tablet.

Brightleaf Cosmetic and Holistic Dentistry

This project was primarily to enhance an existing site's SEO rankings. Over the six-month period we saw an increase in traffic of 50% and the office reported more calls that came from the web site.

We re-built their static HTML dentistry site to make it easier to dynamically update information and add meta data on every single page. We utilized video posts to rank for targeted key phrases on the first page of Google. And we frequently added news to keep content fresh.

Skin Glow MD

An ecommerce site specializing in skin care products, we customized the shopping experience to alert visitors whenever a product would automatically ship free as well as when an item was marked down.  The site also features a "You might also like" block that introduces customers to complimentary products.

King Pong Productions

King Pong is a television series in development that will feature amateur and pro table tennis players facing of in a variety of hazards or challenging conditions. The King Pong Site is designed to promote the show as well as solicit contestants. It will also act as a news hub for the table tennis world and it will feature clips from the shows as the series rolls out.

The site makes it easy for moderators to add video from YouTube and Vimeo and it has a custom in-depth registration form. News and blog entries are easy to create.

Hollyood Central Park

What an innovative concept: Take a stretch of the Hollywood Freeway, put a "cap" over it and open up new green space in the congested Hollywood area.

This site was designed by Scott Ford of Twerp Design, converted Photoshop designs to working theme, selected and configured all modules including analytics, shopping, timeline, news, video gallery, and photo gallery.

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